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Endless Broadband Possibilities

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Endless Broadband Possibilities

Introducing Our Premier Speed Broadband

Make the most of your Broadband Connection with our PREMIER 18 Mbps SPEED and stream HD video, share high-quality photos, game online, and download entertainment without ever worrying about exceeding a data limit.

With Big Bend *18 Mbps Broadband, you can enjoy lightning fast downloads, no media buffering, video-chat conferencing, multiple devices in the home, and MORE. Need more upload speed? We’ve got you covered! Along with our premier 18 Mbps speed, you can also add additional Mbps of upload speed that will allow you to upload large files or photos in no time and also experience online gaming with no delay (ask about additional upload speed pricing). Our premier 18 Mbps speed is perfect for your business or for the work-at-home professional.

Call us today to find out more!

*Speeds are up to and where technically available.

BBT Fixed Wireless Service

A dedicated point-to-point service that is fast, as secure as DSL or cable, always on and ready for you.

  • Consistent connection
  • No bandwidth caps
  • Faster speeds
  • Dedicated bandwidth

Our Fixed Wireless Service is currently available in Alpine, Ft. Davis, Marathon, McCamey, and Fort Stockton. One of the greatest advantages of fixed wireless broadband from BBT is that we provide a dedicated amount of bandwidth with consistent speeds for your use. With our 12 or 18 Mbps packages, you and your family can enjoy super speed gaming, web meetings with no delays, and no buffering. Use the internet to its full potential, downloading and streaming your favorite movies and programs, video chatting with loved ones, enjoying super speed gaming and more! Work from home or run a business out of your house? Increase your productivity with faster upload speeds available to you! Data entry uploads will be much faster resulting in labor cost-savings, faster turnaround times, and improved workflow. With our premier package, you can sign up for download speeds of up to 18 Mbps, and get upload speeds of up to 3 Mbps!

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Pricing and promotions are dependent on location.
Please call (800)-592-4781 with your location to ensure you are quoted proper broadband pricing.
BBT does not guarantee broadband speeds.
Speeds vary and are also dependent upon the number of devices being used simultaneously by subscribers.

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